Hands-Free Doorstop

The Sure Stop Wedge, the truly Hands-Free door wedge. Just drop it and watch it work!

Introducing the Sure Stop Wedge doorstop. It is the patented self-aligning door stop which by design will align itself to the proper orientation to stop the moving door. It will always land “right side up” so you will never need to reach down to place it correctly before it will work for you. The Sure Stop Wedge is even designed so you can easily attach a lanyard to it so you will never need to touch it to retrieve it, move it, or use it on another door….. Hands-Free.

The world around you today is full of products advertising “Hands-Free” functionality.

You can get a hands-free screen door for your house, hands free music and phone in your car and even hands-free parallel parking. Public restrooms are increasingly going hands-free for toilets, faucets and hand dryers.

With so much emphasis on “Hands-Free” today you might think we don’t want to use our hands at all. Just don’t tell that to someone composing their next text message, after all the silent messaging is what has made texting so popular. Otherwise people would just use their phone the “old-fashioned” way and talk to each other.

Some things are better suited for hands-free operation than others, particularly where there is an inherent risk such as while driving or for those things you don’t want to be touching.

Among all of the Sure Stop Wedge’s incredible door stop abilities, not only as the patented “Self-Aligning” door stop, it is truly a “Hands-Free” doorstop.

Isn’t it about time you start using a “Hands-Free” door stop?