The Sure Stop Wedge is the patented self-aligning door stop. So easy to use, it is an indispensable addition to any tool kit, housekeeping cart, or delivery truck.  The Sure Stop Wedge is proudly made in U.S.A. and was designed for commercial use.  This door stop was engineered specifically to hold self closing doors with ease, and although originally developed for the maintenance and housekeeping work force, it is durable enough for construction and delivery workers.  Because it is so efficient to deploy and effective at holding doors, the Sure Stop Wedge is ideally suited for first responders such as fire, search & rescue, ambulance, police and security personnel.

 How does the SURE STOP WEDGE door stop work?

Sure Stop Wedge works on Laminate Floors
Sure Stop Wedge on household doors

The superior performance of Sure Stop Wedge is due to its uniquely simple yet effective shape. You no longer need to bend down to set it upright, attempt to reorient it, push it, kick it, or even pull the door up onto it.  It is designed to align itself into the proper orientation to the door and use the doors own movement to wedge itself into the held position.  Once in place, the door will gently roll up onto the wedge until just enough pressure is achieved to stop the movement of the door.  This not only saves the user from the frustration of trying to make it work, it reduces or eliminates damage to the door’s bottom edge by limiting the contact pressure required to hold the door.

The SURE STOP WEDGE…the Professional’s choice!

Sure Stop Wedge Used on Office Door
Sure Stop Wedge Used on Office Door

The Sure Stop Wedge was designed by and for those in the service industry who need to work around self-closing doors all day.

If your job requires you to pass through or work on doors you know the frustration of having them close on you or chip the paint and splinter wood when you remove them.

Unlike typical traditional wedges and specialty wedges, the Sure Stop Wedge self-aligns and then wedges the door holding it without creeping, sliding or otherwise failing to do its job.  Due to the rolling operation of this design, it is less destructive to the door finish than that which occurs when kicking a traditional wedge under the door until it is tight enough to stop the door from moving.  And, unlike hinge mounted devices, the door is held from the bottom edge eliminating the hinge and door frame damage when someone inadvertently pulls on the door while the device is in place.

Options – Making life even easier

Sure Stop Wedge Ready When You Need It
Wedge Stowed…Ready When You Need It

Because this is a tool made for professional’s, the Sure Stop Wedge is designed to be customized for a particular trade or use.  With an attached lanyard, you won’t even need to to bend down in order to pick up your wedge.  Merely roll the door off the wedge and pull it up by the lanyard.  The Sure Stop Wedge is created with mounting holes built in for attaching your own custom lanyard and hanger, or simply a loop to hang it up for storing.  You can customize your wedge to meet your own particular needs.  These accessories will allow the user to save time and effort when deploying, retrieving and storing their Sure Stop Wedge.  So, whether you make your own or purchase the Sure Stop Wedge Kit (with the lanyard and door hanger), you have the option of making  bending down to pick up your doorstop a thing of the past.

What are other advantages?

Sure Stop Wedge Used on Hotel Room Door
Wedge In Use @ Hotel for Housekeeping

The advantages of the Sure Stop Wedge depend on your role in an organization.  For the end user, the advantages are immediate.  You have a superior door wedge at your fingertips to hold doors while you work on them or pass through them with a minimal amount of effort on your part.

As a business owner, you have an opportunity to separate yourself from your competition by reducing labor time in setting and retrieving the wedges, as well as reduced door damage from using traditional or makeshift wedges on doors.