Doorstop Owner’s Page

Using the Sure Stop Wedge is as easy as 1-2-3

Instructions for using your new wedge:

 Step 1: Open the door

Step 2: Place or drop your Sure Stop Wedge in front of the door

Step 3: Release the door

door wedge sketch 2

If for any reason the Sure Stop Wedge does not self-align and bring the door to an immediate stop or if you want the target door set at a specific position, hold the door at the desired position and manually set the pointed end of the wedge in front of the door (a 45 degree angle to the door is optimum).


How to maintain your Sure Stop Wedge:

If the surface of your Sure Stop Wedge becomes smooth or glossy it can easily be brought back to “like new” condition.

  1. Wash the wedge with soap and water to clean off any dirt or oil
  2. Gently rub a piece of sandpaper down the long side of the wedge (the side that rolls on the floor) all the way around the wedge.

The rough finish will help it grip the ground and perform like new again.

In a pinch, if sandpaper is not available, rub the wedge on any rough surface to help refresh it’s ability to grip the ground and stop your door.